November 28, 2023
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Hyperlink for access of Indian e-Books of NIPA (list enclosed)

Indian e-books

eBook ISBN Title Author Publishers Link for Inside Campus Link for Outside and inside Campus Usernae : mathura Password: mathura
9788194266143 Economics,Marketing and Sales of Agricultural Products Thakur, Shailendra Nath GENX 
9788194281511 Biochemistry and Human Nutrition (As per 5th
Deans Committee Syllabus)
Sihag, Manvesh GENX  
9789389130553 Extension Education Management in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Singh, Ruchi & M.K. Mandal GENX  
9789389547467 Intellectual Property Rights Demystified Ramkumar, Mu. GENX  
9789389547474 Laboratory Manual Of Biochemistry: Methods And Techniques Sengar R.S. GENX 
9789389547504 Modern Biotechnology and Its Applications Behera, K.K. GENX 
9789389571028 Biotechnology In India: Initiatives And Accomplishments Niladri Bag GENX 
9789389571103 Milk And Its Public Health Implications Narayanan, Rita GENX 
9789389571110 Mobile Phones for Agricultural Extension Saravanan, R. GENX 
9789389571158 Biostatistics: Basic Concepts And Methodology Kushwaha, K.S. GENX 
9789389571196 Dimensions of Extension Education Mohapatra, B.P. GENX 
9789389571301 Practical Plant Biotechnology And Genetics Rani Archana GENX 
9789389571387 Agricultural Plant Biochemistry G.Nagaraj GENX 
9789389571400 Cyanobacteria: Antibacterial Activity Kaushik, Purshotam GENX 
9789389907094 A Handbook For Dairy Entrepreneurs Kumar Pranav, Amandeep Singh GENX 
9789389907186 Advances and Challenges in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Rathakrishnan, T. GENX 
9789389907193 Advances In Harvest And Postharvest Technology Of Fish Nambudari,D.D. GENX 
9789389907377 An Introduction To Intellectual Property Rights Pathak, Manju GENX 
9789389907599 Biochemistry Molecular Biology And Biotechnology: Instant Notes Gajera, H.P., GENX 
9789389907605 Biogas Technology  (Co-Published with CRC Press) Snehasish Mishra Associate GENX 
9789389907643 Biotechnology: Practical Manual Series Vol 04 Thara, K.M. GENX 
9789389907940 Milk and Milk Processing: Vol.01: Dairy Technology Singh, Shivashraya GENX 
9789389907957 Dairy Products and Quality Assurance: Vol.02: Dairy Technology Singh, Shivashraya GENX 
9789389992045 DNA: A Bridge Between Biochemistry And Biotechnology J.J. Dhruve, U.K. Kandoliya, S.V. Patel And B.A. Golakiya GENX 
9789389992229 Experimental Biotechnology: Practical Manual Series 06 Dutta, Sunita & Abhijit Dutta GENX 
9789389992243 Extension Techniques for Livestock Development Singh S.K. & S.D.Singh GENX 
9789389992557 Fundamentals of Veterinary Developmental Anatomy Rao, Chandrasekhara & P.J.Ramayya GENX 
9789389992632 Glimpses of Practical in Extension Education Pradhan, K. GENX 
9789389992779 IPR: Drafting,Interpretation Of Patent Specifications and Claims Rathore,N.S.: Ed. GENX 
9789389992786 Veterinary Extension and Rural Development Das, Bhabesh Chandra GENX 
9789389992816 ICTs for Agricultural Extension: Global Experiments,Innovations and Experiences Saravanan, R. ed. GENX 
9789389992854 Introductory Microbiology Balachandar, D. & R.T.Vendan GENX 
9789389992915 Intellectual Property Rights and Public Policy Nomani, Zafar Mahfooz GENX 
9789390083145 Microbial Biotechnology Saikia, Ratul GENX 
9789390083640 Principles Of Cytogenetics K.P.S.Malik GENX 
9789390083725 Quality Assessment Of Milk & Milk Products Thompkinson, D.K. GENX 
9789390083763 Quality Milk Production And Processing Technology Thompkinson, D.K. & Latha Sabikhi GENX 
9789390083893 Statistics and Computers for Animal and Veterinary Sciences: Fundamentals and Applications Goel, Rakesh GENX 
9789390175659 Objective Genetics Kumar S. Thirugnana GENX 
9789390175840 Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Jadon, Narendra Singh GENX 
9789390175857 Veterinary Anatomy: The Regional Gross Anatomy of Domestic Animals: (in 2 Parts) (As per VCI Revised Syllabus) Bhamburkar, Vitthal R. GENX 
9789390512058 Anaerobes and Anaerobic Processes Om, Prakash & DR Ranade GENX 
9789390512140 Plant Propagation and Nursery Management (Recommended Text as per 5th Deans Committee) Tarai Ranjan Kumar GENX 
9789390512263 Experimental Phytochemical Techniques Raaman, N. GENX 
9789390512331 Livestock Economics: Marketing,Business Management and Accountancy (As per VCI Syllabus) Gangadhar, K.S. GENX 
9789390591503 Communication Skills and Personality Development Jagdeeshan, M. GENX 
9789391383152 Doubling Farmers Income Through Animal Husbandry Gupta, S.K. GENX 
9789389571479 Genomics And Genetic Engineering Satya, Pratik GENX