February 8, 2023
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Institute of Para Veterinary Science

Realizing the requirement of trained manpower in the field of Livestock Products Technology to handle the ever growing production of milk, meat, eggs, wool etc., the college will be established to produce graduates in this field of specialization to ensure rapid, better and proper handling of animal products to further boost the livestock business and to produce quality animal products which stand the test of quality in today’s era of competitive global scenario.

The graduate degree would be named as Bachelor of Livestock Products Technology (BLPT) with majors in dairy, meat, wool or other technologies. The minimum qualification for entrance into Bachelor’s  programme would be Inter Science (+2) with physics, chemistry, biology and physics, chemistry, maths combination and/or B.Sc. with biology. For Master’s and Ph.D programmes, only graduation with BLPT, and/or B.Sc. (Dairy Technology), B.V.Sc. & A.H. would be eligible. Adequate scholarships would be generated to attract the meritorious students for post-graduate studies.

The college is proposed to have following six departments besides the office of the Dean

  • Department of Dairy Technology
  • Department of Meat and Poultry Product Technology
  • Department of Wool Technology
  • Department of carcass utilization
  • Department of Packing, Quality Control and Export-Import
  • Department of Animal Products Economics And Marketing