June 9, 2023
Phone: +91-0565-2471178 (O)

Directorate of Research


Prof. Vikash Pathak
Director Research
Email: pathakvet@gmail.com
Phone: +919458029555


  • To coordinate, assess & review the ongoing research work in the University.
  • To visualize and implement the future research strategies of DUVASU.
  • To conduct research work in the emerging areas of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  • To provide research and development support for generation of technologies and knowledge for the growth of livestock.


  • To streamline the research mandate, thrust areas and short term/long term strategies for accomplishment of research goals by each department of the University.
  • To coordinate inter-departmental and inter-institutional research projects.
  • To visualize future research strategies of the University.
  • To guide and assist the university faculty in acquiring funding for new research projects from National/Inter-National funding agencies.



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